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Best Real Money Canadian Online Casinos

Best online casino Canada

Defining excellence of some online casino for not a gambling expert is kinda tricky. At least, one has to know the basics to discern the wheat from the chaff. And to make our reader more in the know, we’re telling about how we define good online casinos, what are the best games played in Canada in 2021 & consider some auxiliary questions.

How do we find the best legit online casinos: our methodology

It is important to be able to say that an online casino is good or bad. A reputable online casino will have nice quality in all listed principles of its functioning reviewed on A bad one will not have one or more than one of them.

Welcome giveaways to play trusted online casinos

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Everyone wants to boost his or her own gaming leverage with casino giveaways. The most interesting of them are welcome giveaways, which are given for two things:

  • Registration
  • Registration + depositing.

The first one is called a ‘no-deposit giveaway’ since its receiving does not require any money to be deposited onto a gaming account. But such giveaways are rather small – like, 1-10 bucks and/or 1-10 free spins.

The second type is of most flamboyance, as the sums given within its scope can be colossal! We’ve seen cases on the market when online casinos gave up to $20,000 & up to 3,000 free spins (FSs) as a welcome deposit giveaway! As it’s obvious, online casinos are ready to do a lot to reward their new gamers to come to them & play for as long as they can. If an online casino is ready to give anything around a +200% deposit giveaway & not less than 100 FSs, it is already a good casino to gamble in. 

Customer support based on the Canadian online casino reviews

Sometimes, casino gamers have issues & questions. They also face bugs or program errors. They have to be able to address all these issues promptly & receive feedback & help fast. So a customer support service for gamers working 24/7/365/366 is a sign of a good online casino. 

Security is the cornerstone answering the issue of can one gamble online in Canada

Security in casinos is defined by different market specialists differently. We put in this notion the following meaning:

  • An online casino does not collect & store financial data of gamers but the one needed for financial transactions’ fulfillment only
  • It also does not sell any financial or personal data of gamers to third parties (which are often scammers & scums). This can be found on the Internet as feedback of real people playing in this or that casino
  • There is no outdated HTTP protocol, only HTTPS
  • Financial transactions are made in a safe manner, secured with OTP, PCI DSS & other cutting-edge protective means
  • Two-factor authentication is a nice thing.

Deposit & withdrawal banking methods in the top-rated online casinos for Canadian players

The more channels of crediting & debiting money from & to account a gamer can have in a casino the better it is for all participants of the gambling business. It would also be great if there are no commissions & the transactions are made swiftly (preferably, in a moment). The best online casinos allow today to make transactions with bank cards, e-wallets, e-money, instant (prepaid) cards, cryptocurrencies & regular online payment systems.  

Online casino best offers in Canada

How one can tell what to play in online casinos? There are the following popular games.

best online casino

Slots in online casinos

Slots of casinos make today over 50% of the entire online casino market. It is possible to play nearly any slot for money & for free, honing one’s skills of gambling & studying the gaming mechanics. It’s not a secret that gamers like some slots & dislike others. But how does he or she find out which’s one? Surely, by playing it first, in a demo mode! Demos are today found not only on the websites of casinos but also on the portals of gaming vendors directly.

Roulette when doing the online gambling in Canada

Roulette has always been a symbol of gambling per se. It is played by millions of punters all over the world & has many varieties, the main three of which are American, European & French roulette. They differ with the number of zeroes on the rotating wheel & actions that are stipulated to do when the Zero sector appears. 

Blackjack game

Blackjack is probably one of the most known card games after poker. But if poker has a zillion rules & possibilities (as well as types), Blackjack is relatively easy to play & it is almost always about an opposition between a gamer & a casino (‘bank’). And it is exciting because it is impossible to lose large money thanks to bet limitations. 

Baccarat in the best Canadian online casinos

Another card game, which is close to Blackjack, is Baccarat. It also has various types & differing rules but it is easy to start playing, as it only takes about a minute or two to study the basics. 

Poker in the best online casinos in Canada

In poker, people win & lose fortunes! And it doesn’t that matter whether a gamer plays offline or online version – the bets can be super high in all places. When a punter wants to jump onto another stage of his or her relations with cards, they pick poker as a game of the mind, which is not so much about luck but about skills. 

Bingo instant play

Bingo & other types of lotteries are popular amongst those people who don’t want to gamble or play slots. But they hope for substantial winnings

Tips & requirements for playing online slots

Slots are not hard to play but there are some tips to follow. 

A player should try first the demo version of the slot

Hate playing some piece? Then one has lesser opportunities to win (statistically & psychologically)! Therefore, to understand whether one loves some slot or not, it’s advisable to play its demo first. 

Look for high RTP %, not only for good welcome giveaways after the registration

RTP is the Return To Gamer, which is in modern slots as close to 100% as possible. In theory. In practice, the return may not work at all, simply taking & taking the bettor’s money. To avoid such slots & only play those that give something in return, it is again advisable to play the demo first.

Understand all the slot features to the maximum

The rules of a slot (after one finds out this slot is good for him or her) are a direct way to winning nicely. Not being acquainted with the rules may result in losing some gambling opportunity, of which one might not be aware. 

Customer support at Canadian online casino platforms

best online casino canada

Always search for platforms with nice support. Preferably, they have to work 24/7 with only a handful of days off (better without them) & to be able to be got in touch using multiple channels, which include:

  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Phone
  • Ticketing system on some tracker
  • Social media channels
  • Messengers like Telegram, Viber, or WhatsApp.

Shortly put, yes. But as Canada is separated into territories & provinces, each has its own principles of gambling – both online & offline. In some, casinos are not forbidden. In some, forbidden or only governmental ones are allowed. One has to study this issue for a particular province. 

Is it possible to play on a smartphone or tablet?

Yes, modern casinos have a smartphone-friendly website or even downloadable app. 

Frequently asked questions about online gambling software

How to withdraw from a casino?

After a gamer will have won & there are no restrictive factors like an incomplete wager, go to the Cashier section & create a withdrawal application stating an amount, channel of withdrawal & making sure that the personal identification procedure is complete (if required by a casino). 

Is using bitcoins & other cryptocurrencies allowed as methods of crediting & cash out?

Yes, modern casinos are being progressive in this issue. Also, it is known by everyone that cryptocurrencies allow withholding financial flows from the prying eyes of various controlling & tax bodies, which is a very elegant solution. 

Is a welcome giveaway helpful? How can I get it?

Speaking of deposit welcome promo money, then it is extremely helpful & can boost the punter’s leverage in a casino at least 2 times, which is a sort of a jackpot itself. Some allow it even 10-20 & more times! That depends on how generous a casino is & what promotion programs it runs. 

Getting it is relatively simple: register, do the sign-up, replenish an account through a deposit & claim the giveaway that is described on the web pages of a punter’s house. Then, a gamer is free to use it anywhere according to the rules. 

Is there a need to download any software?

No, there is no such requirement or demand, even if a casino has a licensed downloadable mobile app.